SR5877 “RIVA” Omega Straight Razor by Riccardo Tonarini

Reinterpretation of the classic “Wade & Butcher” razors of Sheffield.
7/8” blade with barber's notch tip and wedge grinding.
The blade is forged and finished by hand from a special custom carbon steel named RTL18 by its creator (Sheffield like steel suitably modified to exclude nickel and other minerals to achieve better performance of sweetness, cutting edge durability and ease of sharpening)
The handle is made from a single piece of striped buffalo horn.
The blade is fixed to the handle by a stainless steel screw (Torx10) which can be removed for convenient cleaning of the razor in all its parts, even the most inaccessible ones inside the handle.
Carefully designed to offer sweetness of shaving and ease of sharpening.

Since RTL18 steel is not stainless, it needs special care to avoid the appearance of traces of oxidation:
dry well and lubricate the metal part with a natural lubricant (almond oil or similar) or petroleum jelly to protect it from contact with air.
Any signs of oxidation can be removed by rubbing gently with an abrasive paste for metals, such as IOSSO or POLISH.


Handle: Horn

Color: Black

Category: Straight Razors