s. 186 Omega block paint brush – Migliore Line for all paints – 100% synthetic fiber

Migliore line 100% synthetic fiber, suitable for all types of paint, for smooth or semi-rough surfaces.

The external part of the brush is made with an innovative blend of various types of synthetic polyester fibers, pointed and flagged to guarantee softness, flexibility and optimal application of the paint:
- HOLLOW FIBER for maximum lightness and flexibility
- MICRO-PERFORATED FIBER with light micro-mineral inserts for a progressive release of the paint and great elasticity
- CROSS SECTION FIBER for excellent absorption and gradual and uniform release
- SOLID FIBER to ensure strength, durability and support
Inside, the INNER SOUL container core, of shorter length, guarantees perfect absorption and gradual release of the paint.

Migliore means Best brush.

Raw wooden handle
100% recycled cardboard packaging

numero lunghezza setole scatola
5×15 91 mm 6
6,5×16 91 mm 6