s. 180 Omega flat paint brush – Migliore Line for all paints – 100% synthetic fiber

Omega flat paint brush. Migliore Line, for all paints.
Innovative blend composed of various types of pointed and flagged polyester fibers, scaled in different heights for a great performance... without splashes!
Suitable for all kinds of paint, water based or solvent.

100% synthetic fiber blend:
- HOLLOW FIBER for lightness and flexibility
- MICRO-CELLULAR FIBER with low density tiny mineral particles for progressive release of painting and great elasticity
- CROSS SECTION FIBER for excellent absorption and gradual and uniform release
- SOLID FIBER for resistance, durability and strength

Stainless steel ferrules
Raw wood handle

Migliore means the best in its category!

numero larghezza lunghezza setole scatola
30 15 55 12
40 15 61 12
50 15  68 12
60 15  68 12