Putty Knives and Trowels

NTU2 Notched trowell spreader- Allway Tools®

Notched trowel, adhesive spreader for linoleum, rubber and plastic floor tile.
1/8" - 2,7mm U notch.
Allway Tools®.

NTV3 Notched trowel spreader – Allway Tools®

Notched trowel, adhesive spreader. For rough back and all.weather carpet.
Blunt point V notch.
Allway Tools®.

s. 1202 Omega Putty knife

Omega putty knife - Chromium-plated. Flexible

s. 1203 Smooth edge trowel

PROFESSIONAL - Smooth edge trowel - Stainless steel.

s. HS700 Putty knife – TopMan

Putty knife - Stainless steel. TopMan.