46800 Omega HI-BRUSH fiber shaving brush – GLOW IN THE DARK

Omega HI-BRUSH fiber shaving brush - Glow in the dark
Transparent resin mixed with phosphorescent pigment powder.
Halloween Shaving Brush
Blackout Shaving Brush


Package: Single Shaving Brush

Knot: Hi-Brush

Handle: Resin

Size: 125

Color: Green


HI-BRUSH (Badger effect) and S-Brush (Hog bristle effect) synthetic fibers are made of PBT, a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polyester. Both filaments are corrugated as to improve the performance of the brush in terms of holding and releasing the lather during the shave. Both filaments are chemically tapered to give a soft touch on the skin. Synthetic fibers are really much more performing than hog bristle and badger hair. They better withstand their daily duty and are much more hygienic and easier to clean.

Last but not least, Omega synthetic fibers respect the animals!

Omega shaving brushes are hand-crafted in Italy, dimensions may slightly differ from the ones indicated.
The shown pictures are for illustrative purposes only, actual products may have unique specificities due to the raw material and the manual processing.