6607 Omega Super Badger shaving brush with stand. Chess collection, Queen.

Omega Super Badger shaving brush with resin handle and gold-plated metal stand.
Chess collection, Queen.


Package: Single Shaving Brush

Knot: Super Badger

Handle: Resin

Size: 134

Color: Beige

Category: Super Badger

Black Badger: The Black Badger is the most widespreas knot, it is darker and stronger than others badger hair and you can feel it a little stiffer on the skin, for this reason the cost is lower than other more prestigious knots. It is 100% hand made and it has a good lathering performance. Excellent as a starting point for those who want to get closer to the world of traditional shaving or for those who appreciate a more decisive touch.
Super Badger: The Super Badger knot is made with finer and softer badger hairs. Super Badger hair is thinner and lighter than Black Badger, it is naturally light brown with a darker grey band on top, it is soft on the skin and can make a perfect lather by absorbing bigger quantity of water. For these better qualities the Super Badger is more expensive than Black one.
Silvertip Badger: The Silvertip Badger knot is the finest and most expensive. Hairs are carefully selected by hand and their tip turns out to be very clear, almost silvery. The domed shape of the knot allows the brush to retain a large amount of water as to easily make a very good and rich lather. Silvertip Badger shaving brushes are well-known for their softness and they’re considered, without any doubt, the top quality in traditional wet shaving.

Individual cardboard
gift box with
stand 171.

I pennelli da barba Omega sono fatti a mano artigianalmente in Italia, le dimensioni potrebbero differire leggermente da quelle indicate.
Le immagini mostrate hanno solo scopo esemplificativo, il prodotto potrebbe presentare dettagli unici dovuti alla materia prima e alla lavorazione manuale.