Block Brushes with Ferrule

s. 185 Omega block paint brush – Migliore Line for all paints – 100% synthetic fiber

Omega block paint brush. Migliore Line, for all paints.
Innovative blend composed of various types of pointed and flagged polyester fibers, scaled in different heights for a great performance... without splashes!
Suitable for all kinds of paint, water based or solvent.

100% synthetic fiber blend:
- HOLLOW FIBER for lightness and flexibility
- MICRO-CELLULAR FIBER with low density tiny mineral particles for progressive release of painting and great elasticity
- CROSS SECTION FIBER for excellent absorption and gradual and uniform release
- SOLID FIBER for resistance, durability and strength

Stainless steel ferrules
Raw wood handle
100% Recycled cardboard case

Migliore means the best in its category!

s. 700 “HOBBY” Omega Block paint brush with ferrule – “MULTIPAINT” – all paints

Omega Block paint brush with ferrule - “MULTIPAINT” - Nickel plated ferrules - Plastic handle and back. For all paints. "HOBBY" Line

s. 80 Omega Block brush with ferrule – 100% bristle

Omega Block brush with ferrule - 100% bristle - Stainless steel ferrule - Wooden handle and back.

s. 81/M Omega Block brush with ferrule – bristle / ULTRAPAINTEX® fiber mix

Omega Block brush, bristle/ULTRAPAINTEX® fiber mix - Stainless steel ferrules - Wooden handle and back.

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